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Reason #23,765 I love the French.

This is a protest against the Quick chain of French fast food restaurants. (I've eaten at one. Their hamburgers are wretched by U.S. standards). My translation of the story, taken from the linked YouTube page:

A troop of 70 discontented "pigs" from the Lyonnais youth identity group "Rebeyne!" invaded a Quick location in Lyon one Sunday afternoon. They were there to protest a decision by Quick to drop bacon burgers from the menu, which is part of the chain's new policy of offering a Halal-only menu at its restaurants in areas with heavy Muslim populations as a way of attracting a Muslim clientele. [Halal is sort of the Islamic version of Kosher - bitpig] The effect of this decision by the chain is unacceptable, says Rebeyne!, because it amounts to a kind of "drive-thru Islamicization" of Lyon and France. In addition, the Quick chain has apparently accepted taxpayer money in the form of government "redevelopment funds" in order to build these restaurants, leaving the protestors to wonder why their tax money is being used in effect to alienate the French in their own country.

The Halal certification itself is another issue about which the protesters are upset. Just as Kosher foods in the U.S. must be certified by a panel of Jewish religious authorities (e.g. the Orthodox Union) prior to being labeled as "Kosher", Halal restaurants in France must be certified by a board of Islamic religious scholars before being able to advertise themselves as being Halal. In both cases, these authorities charge for their services -- an expense which Quick passes on to the customer, whether Muslim or not. This, say the protesters, amounts to an "Islamic tax" on all food sold at Quick -- an income stream which serves the Muslim authorities in France as a means to finance Islamic proselytism.

According to the group's website, "Rebeyne! is the name used by a party of young Lyonnais who are refusing to accept the destruction of peoples and their cultures in the name of globalization. They vehemently oppose the Islamicization of France -- a unique form of anti-White racism. They oppose crass commercialism and drug abuse but are fired up about their own history, heroes, and culture -- that is, those things that are uniquely European, French, and Lyonnais. Their mission is to defend by militant action their own ethnic and cultural identity from both the uniformity of globalism and from the threat of massive Islamic and other foreign immigration."

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